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Historic British Railway Images

Thank you for visiting the ANISTR.COM photographic archive of historic train and railway images. As our name 'anagramatically' confirms we are about T R A I N S, particularly historic images of British Railways in the 20th century. Our focus is on steam traction, but diesel and electric motive power are also included and views of railway stations and infrastructure and personnel. All the negatives and slides displayed in our main galleries have been painstakingly cleaned and restored after high resolution scanning to enable us to offer images that are as perfect as digital technology allows.
Our Search Engine is very sophisticated and looks through all the captions on the site as well as all the keywords. It will accept names of locations (e.g. Swindon), dates in DD/MM/YYYY format (e.g. 09/07/1967), decades without apostrophe (e.g. 1950s), numbers (e.g. 45110), codes (e.g. A4), counties (e.g. Lancashire) and countries (e.g. Wales) For further guidance go to SEARCH.

New for 2021, we have launched a showcase of galleries RAILWAY IMAGES for the many thousands of as yet unpublished rail photos in the ANISTR.COM archive, which are too numerous to process fully in the short term for display on our main website. At RAILWAY IMAGES we are uploading new galleries on a daily basis, initially British Railways Southern Region steam locos. We have made a start with images of the tank engine classes in the 30000 number range, mainly ex-LSWR, with nearly 400 added so far. If you join our mailing list we will send you occasional updates about new images added and any special offers. You can unsubscribe at any time. All the images on this website are available as instant downloads for editorial and commercial use or as traditional photos for private collectors. Some of the images you find here need some further restoration but be assured that they will be fully restored before dispatch if you order photos or digital downloads.



Take your time to browse our collection and if you see an image you would like to enjoy on your own computer it is easy to download a small image for private use for a modest charge. Please note these images are strictly for your own use and must not be published (including online and social media) or resold in any way.


Alternatively, if you would like to buy a traditional photograph, it could not be easier. All photographs reproduced from our Digital Files are produced using Modern Digital production processes on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper by a leading UK professional laboratory. We check each photo individually before it is dispatched to our customers and if we are not satisfied we will order a reprint.

EDITORS and PUBLISHERS (Editorial and Commercial Uses)

You can purchase digital copies of any of our images for publication either in the press, on websites, or for other editorial or commercial purposes. We have a easy to use price generator for just about any possible use of our images when you click on our BUY REPRO RIGHTS button beside any large image. Our rates are very competitive and start at just a few pounds for very small scale projects which are so typical of a niche activity like transport publishing. If you wish to obtain repro rights with payment on publication please use the 'REQUEST QUOTATION' and we will advise our best price although it will always be cheaper to buy repro rights in advance. We endeavour to provide Publishers with a 24 hours or less quotation from the time of contact. High-resolution images are of course available instantly using the BUY REPRO RIGHTS button.


Our Search Engine looks through all the captions on the site as well as the many embedded hidden keywords. It will accept names of locations (e.g. Swindon), dates in DD/MM/YYYY format (e.g. 09/07/1967),years (e.g. 1963), decades without apostrophe (e.g. 1950s), numbers (e.g. 45110), codes (e.g. A4), counties e.g. Lancashire and countries (e.g. Wales) For further guidance go to SEARCH. 'Boolean' searching is also a feature, so more specific searches can be undertaken by inputting phrases or combinations of Letters, Numbers etc. Our website is designed so that unlike some other rail image websites our images normally display as correct format thumbnails, with titles underneath and arranged in numerical order within each Gallery and in Search results. Instead of using SEARCH, you can simply BROWSE all of our galleries using the GALLERIES link in the menu (or at the bottom of this page) You can click through to each individual class of loco and then view all the images using the slide show facility if you wish.


You can purchase online using Paypal or your Credit Card (via our Paypal facility). If you prefer to pay by cheque that option is available at Checkout. You do not need to fill out an order form. Alternatively we are very happy to receive orders through the post and you can print out an order form here. Cheques should be made payable to ANISTR.COM. We aim to dispatch orders for photographs in 1-2 working days from the receipt of order, often faster. However, if your order includes images from the RAILWAY IMAGES Reserve Collection, please allow extra time while our technicians ensure that all images are fully restored to our highest standard. Typically our files are stored sized 4500px x 3000px, some slightly smaller, giving outstanding quality either in print form or as digital images for reproduction.


We hold the copyright (or act as agents for the copyright holders) for all images on the site and respectfully remind our customers that we will appropriate action (including request to have material removed from electronic display and/or further legal action) against any party that uses our material without the appropriate copyright permission, either in printed, digital or online format, including use on social media without our express authority.



We thanks those who have contributed information to assist with the captioning of images, particularly members of the Southern Email Group (including Michael Ball, Peter Gibbons, Daniel Holden-Storey, Chris Knowles-Thomas, Roger Merry-Price, Peter Smart, Clive Standen, Peter Russell, Nigel Wright) and to many others including Russell Burridge, John Freear, Tony Saville and Vic Smith. The following websites have been invaluable for researching information about the subjects in the various images: BR Database An amazing piece of work with extensive information about much of Britain's railway motive power What Happened to Steam the enormous project undertaken by the late Peter Hands who despite some original inaccuracies is now an outstanding analysis.
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