We are revamping our website under the RAILWAY IMAGES from ANISTR.COM branding as we recognise that our ANISTR name was a bit of a puzzle to some people looking for railway photos- ANISTR is of course simply an anagram of TRAINS!

We are extremely grateful to the many correspondents who have helped us to caption many of the old negatives and slides in our collection. The Social media forums, such as RAILWAY IDENTIFICATION GROUP, on Facebook, and the long standing SREMG (Southern Railway Email Group) have provided much guidance, to name but two.

Particular thanks go to Amyas Crump, Steven Dyke, Liam Feeley, Peter Gibbons, Derek Hayward, Trevor Hodgson, Michael Kaye, Jim Lester, Saffy Mellor, Mike Morant, Colin Penfold, Peter B Russell. Chris Sayers-Leavy, Andy Sturt, Martin Thomas, Ray Viney

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